Giuseppe Penone. Dessins
Centre Pompidou - Musée national d'art moderne, Paris, France
From 19 October 2022 to 6 March 2023

In 2020, Giuseppe Penone donated to the Musée national d'art moderne in Paris an important corpus of 328 drawings, covering fifty years of activity from 1967. A selection of these drawings, some of which have never been shown before, is now presented to public in an exhibition that develops thematically, illustrating the stages of Penone's artistic career. As testimony to the value of drawing in the process of creation, four works from the Pompidou collection, chosen in relation to the drawings, are also included, as well as two other works by the artist that give back a complete sampling of the favorite materials of his art: wood, stone, clay, bronze and leaves.

In photo: Giuseppe Penone, Racchiudere i millenni negli anni (To hold millennia in years), 2010. Centre Pompidou - Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris
© Archivio Penone